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Website Health Check: Top Technical SEO Tips & Tools

Website Health Check: Top Technical SEO Tips & Tools

Wednesday, October 20 at 2 pm ET


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Have you checked your website’s health lately?

Your website might look great on the outside, but have you checked deeper?

A healthy website is more than just a good-looking site.

As we all know, search engines like Google don’t rank websites based on appearance. Instead, they rank sites in search based on how well they are optimized.

Register now for this sponsored webinar if you’re ready to learn how you and your team can optimize your website health beyond the classic SEO tactics.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • What is website health, and why you should care about it.
  • What main pillars/elements make for good website health?
  • Top tips to optimize your pages efficiently.

Website health scores can decay over time. As the web changes and your website gets updated, your site’s health scores will also change.

Overlooking factors such as accessibility, security, and user experience – plus not using the right tools – can lead to missed opportunities and loss of potential customers.

DeepCrawl’s Ashley Berman Hale, VP for Professional Services, and Jamie Indigo, Lead Senior Technical SEO, will show you how to use tools that can help increase your website health and influence your rankings.

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Ashley Berman Hale
Presented By

Ashley Berman Hale

VP, Professional Services, Deepcrawl
Jamie Indigo
Presented By

Jamie Indigo

Lead Senior Technical SEO, Deepcrawl
Loren Baker
Moderated By

Loren Baker

Founder, Search Engine Journal