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How To Report Search Console Issues To Google

It's now possible to report issues to Google related to domain verification and user management in Search Console.

How To Report Search Console Issues To Google

Issues with user management and domain verification in Search Console can now be reported directly to Google with the click of a button.

This feature is an expansion of a program Google started earlier this year that allows people to report urgent bugs.

First, Google introduced the ability to report security issues found in search. Then the program was expanded to reporting on indexing bugs.

Now you can inform Google about urgent bugs in Search Console, such as the inability to verify a domain.

Here’s more about how to use this feature and which types of issues it can help resolve.

Reporting Search Console Issues To Google

Signed-in Search Console users in the US will soon see a “Report user management issues” or a “Report Domain Verification Issues” when consulting certain help documents.

google error reportScreenshot from support.google.com/webmasters, October 2021.

Clicking the button will allow you to fill in an error report with more details, which will be sent straight to Google.

But first Google will then walk you through a series of troubleshooting steps related to the issue you’re experiencing.

If those fail, then you can submit the report.

These buttons should not be your first option for seeking assistance with Search Console problems.

The best way to resolve domain verification and user management issues in Search Console is to read Google’s help guides or start a thread in the community forums.

If you can’t find the help you’re looking for with those resources, then the “Report user management issues” or a “Report Domain Verification Issues” buttons can be used to make Google aware of your problem.

This feature is currently being piloted in the US only, and support is only available in English for now.

Google will reassess how useful this feature is, and may expand it even further in the next month.

If you don’t see the new buttons right now, you should within the next week or less.

Source: Google Search Central on Twitter

Featured Image: 1000s_pixels/Shutterstock


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