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Google To Once Again Show Tweets In Search Engine Results Pages

Google To Once Again Show Tweets In Search Engine Results Pages

Google once again has access to Twitter’s firehose thanks to a new deal reached between the two companies, Bloomberg reports.

Within the first half of this year you’ll start to see tweets in Google’s search results in real-time. Previously Google had to crawl Twitter for new information, just as it does any other site. Now the search giant has immediate access to Twitter live stream of data, meaning tweets will be visible in the SERPs automatically.

You may remember back in 2009 when Google was able to index tweets automatically. The deal lapsed in 2011 and was not renewed because Twitter’s then-CEO wanted to have more control over the social network’s content.

Twitter’s current CEO has a much different attitude, wanting to get tweets in front of the eyes of more people, especially non-users, and drive them to the network. That’s the type of attitude the company needs right now as it’s growth in terms of both daily active users and stock price has fallen flat as of late.

Analysts are describing this deal as a win-win for both companies. In addition to potentially accelerating Twitter’s growth, it’s also good for Google because the ability to index real-time tweets is valuable for searchers.

Of course, this deal also stands to greatly benefit businesses and publishers as well, as their search engine visibility and social media audience will be amplified.

Since this deal hasn’t technically been made public yet, neither Twitter or Google are commenting at this time.


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