Head of Marketing at Optmyzr
Head of Marketing at Optmyzr


I'm Ashwin Balakrishnan, head of marketing at Optmyzr where we develop tools that let advertisers and agencies retain control of campaigns, maximize ad spend value, and recover time.

Throughout my career, I've worked on integrated campaigns to sell consumer goods, software, healthcare, technology, and real estate. While I currently serve the PPC community in my role at Optmyzr, I'm a copywriter and content marketer at heart with a one-track mind for revenue.

In 2021, I organized Optmyzr's first UnLevel virtual conference as a learning resource for automation layering – the use of advertiser-side automation to work more effectively with ad platform automation. And I'm always looking for new ways to help search marketers.

I am awesome at

Social Media, Content Marketing, Blogging, Email Marketing, Design

Favorite Tools

Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Sprout Social, Asana