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Welcome to The Search Engine Journal Show! This is the official podcast of Search Engine Journal. We talk all things SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and digital marketing with the top industry experts and authorities. Your hosts will be Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin, and Loren Baker.

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Episode 250

How to Maximize Your PPC Performance in 2022

Loren Baker & Jeff Ferguson

Businesses can no longer rely on third-party tracking, which has become an industry standard. You need first-party data. Here’s how to manage this massive change.

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Episode 247

State of SEO: Top Insights [Podcast]

Loren Baker & Shelley Walsh

Developing a good report requires the right people, getting good data, building your audience, and reaching them in various ways. Learn how we did it.

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Episode 243

Prioritizing Technical SEO Issues [Podcast]

Loren Baker & Cody Gault

Are you considering a site migration? Migrations are a challenging – and sometimes dreaded – step in SEO. With site migrations, chances are you’re going...

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Episode 242

Product-Led SEO [Podcast]

Loren Baker & Eli Schwartz

Eli Schwartz, author of “Product-Led SEO,” joins Loren Baker to discuss long-term SEO strategies and how to implement an SEO mindset throughout your company.

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